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We are closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

We had to make a few changes to our class schedule, so here is a copy with the new information:  Newsletter 2nd quarter 2016.pdf revised.   We hope to see you soon!


Join Summer Sewing Camp at Bella Quilts

Summer is here, and it’s time to discover a wonderful new creative activity.  Come and join other students on a sewing adventure at Bella Quilts. Classes will cover basic sewing machine skills, fabric choice, hand sewing, pattern use, and project completion.  This will be a four day camp.  The four day class is $80, and includes all project materials.  At the end of the week, you will leave with a completed project and  be ready to sew on your fishown!   A sewing machine and basic sewing supplies are needed for this class. All kids 9 to 17 are welcome.

Camp begins on Tuesday, June 7, and continues the 8th, 9th  and 10th from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.  Bring a sack lunch and join the fun!



Check out the our new class, RAVEN’S PICNIC BAG:  This is a large tote bag, especially designed to carry on a picnic.  The outside is canvas fabric and the inside lining IMG_0381 (2)contains lots of pockets for all your picnic goodies. It would make a great bag for knitting or even a wonderful carry on.








Open sewing is available on any day that we don’t have a class for a minimal  $10.00 fee. Get your friends together and come in to work on projects and socialize.  Just call ahead to make sure the time is available.  This is different than Ketchup Day, since an instructor will not be scheduled for assistance.

From Raven’s Roost

Big News From Raven’s Roost:       

After much soul-searching and discussion with my family, I have decided it is time to start a new chapter in my life.  I love Bella Quilts and can’t imagine my life without all of the friends I have made here, but it is time to move on.  I want to go to the retreats and classes, and to be just one of the girls.  Larry and I want to be free to visit family, other parts of the world, or just sit home and look at each other.  I have quilts to finish, sweaters to knit, and a novel to write. So it is time to announce that I am offering Bella Quilts for sale.  It is my hope that a wonderful person, or family, will buy the shop and continue the traditions we have started, as well as make new traditions of their own.  I am looking forward to being a loyal customer.  I will miss all of you and hope to see you at the quilt shows.

We have left our schedule open for the second quarter so that those of you who have unfinished Bella class projects can schedule a time to come in for help in finishing things.  We also will be announcing special markdowns and sales on our website, facebook, and emails.  We have lots of great books, patterns and fabric just waiting for a good home.  We also have great deals on in-stock sewing machines.  We still will be keeping the store stocked with the supplies and notions that you need.  We also will be selling class samples and goodness knows what, so be sure to check us  out.

This quarter we are offering a few of our most requested classes and wrapping up some of our current class projects.   We hope to see all of our friends in the next few months.  Bella Quilts owes you a big thank you for helping to make our store grow from a tiny room on the first block of Main Street to the store we are today on the other end of Main Street.

Best wishes.  See you soon.



Check out our Facebook page and web site for new class additions. Remember if you have a group of three or more, we can design a class just for you.